The TimeBank Social Network is a social media site where people can interact and build an alternative economy while also building community in a modern network.


  1. NO MALICIOUS LINKS: This includes NSFW content & malware/dubious websites.
  2. TREAT OTHERS WITH KINDNESS: No name calling etc.
  3. NO FORNICATION & NO VIOLENCE: Nudity, gore and similar content are strictly prohibited.
  4. NO SPAMMING. Don’t post the same message over & over in the same place.
  5. NO TROLLING. Don’t make other users uncomfortable or purposely upset them.

If you are comfortable with the previously listed rules, please …

Join the TimeBank Social Network :

  • First, go to Register to activate your Account as a Member of the TimeBank Social Network and set up your Profile, particularly your Skills that you would like to share.

Step-By-Step How_to_Set_Up_Account_and_Profile.PDF

  • Find a Group to join. [You must be a member of a Group to Deposit in the TimeBank. TheTimeBanker will verify you with the Group that you choose to join.]
  • After you are Registered you will be sent an email with a link to your fully detailed Google Spreadsheet Account, which is only available for you and TheTimeBanker to see. You start with 20 HR(s) [also known as time dollars or positive time credits] and your current Available HR(s) are always available to be seen on the Accounts page above. Everyone can issue HR(s) regardless of how many positive time credits they have, they will just go into the negative if they do not have any positive HR(s).

  • Next work for someone in the network and they can Deposit your HR(s) to your TimeBank Account. [Verification can take up to 7 days]
  • Below is a Deposit slip which can also be printed and filled out by a member of the TimeBank Social Network when another Member does work in exchange for HR(s). [Verification can take up to 7 days]


Deposit_Slip_Register.PDF & Deposit_Slip_Register.XLSX

  • The Deposit slip can be transferred up to 4 times between members of the TimeBank Social Network before being deposited into a TimeBank account, but it is very important to keep careful records of transactions if this is done. [TheTimeBanker is not responsible for irresponsible use of Deposit slips]
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